Kavenz VHP16 V5

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Kavenz VHP16 V5
Kavenz VHP16 V5
Hinweis: Wenn du ein verspieltes Bike haben möchtest, wähle einen kurzen Reach. Möchtest du jedoch ein Bike für hohen Speed und Stabilität, wähle einen längeren Reach.
Hinweis: Passe den Hub der Sattelstütze an deine Beinlänge an. Langer Hub für lange Beine, kurzer Hub für kurze Beine.
Empfhohlene Sitzrohrlänge basierend auf einer Bike Yoke Revive 185:
Kann jederzeit geändert werden, da es eine Angeschraubte Dämpferaufnahme ist.
Bitte beachte, dass die meisten Kettenblätter für Boost ausgelegt sind!
Überspringe die Auswahl wenn du einen Luftdämpfer oder keinen Dämpfer gewählt hast!
Kavenz VHP16 V5
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Produktnummer: KA-VHP16-V5
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Produktinformationen "Kavenz VHP16 V5"
The KAVENZ VHP16 is designed to make you faster. The Kinematics are engineered to outperform your competition. The customized geometry is meant to fit you like a tailored suit, and the custom paint options are offered to match your style. Join us now!

Kavenz Pre-Order Batch: 

With your pre-order, you help us to bring our dream to live. We appreciate your support and welcome you to the Kavenz family. We offer the first 50 frames at a 10% discount to honor your trust in us at this early stage. After the first 50 frames are sold we will schedule the next batch at full price and come to regular production of 50 frames every 3 months with a hopefully shorter lead time.
If you need more information about the Frame and the Project, you will find it here: https://kavenz.com

Pre-Order Price:

EU: 2245.00 € incl. 19% VAT as the delivery date is in 2021
INT: 1886.55 € excl. VAT (if you order from outside EU)

The PRE-ORDER price comes with a 10% discount and we ask for a 100% downpayment. This is important to found the project as we have to make many investments into molds, tubing, more jigs and infrastructure. In case you can´t afford the downpayment right now do not worry with the second batch we will accept a 50% downpayment and hopefully shorten lead times a bit as well.

The frame comes including:

  • Custom Geometry
  • Idler Pulley 14T
  • Chainguide
  • DT Swiss Thru Axle
  • Seatclamp
  • Anti Rattle Tube
  • Tape for Chainstay
  • PM 203 Adapter


  • We plan to start shipping from early February 2021. 
  • For Anodized or Powder Coated Frames, you need to add two weeks.

Additional Terms and Conditions:


Your frame is covered by our standard 5 Year Warranty. Please note that the Warranty only applies for the frame and not for additional parts like shock, fork, a dropper post, etc.


If you spot an issue, then we might not be able to replace the part as fast as established brands. But don´t worry we would never let you down, that´s a promise. Also lead time can be delayed as COVID 19 is not over jet and can still have impacts on supply chains.

Limited Right to Withdrawal:

Your right to withdrawal does not apply to contracts that relate to goods which have been manufactured in accordance with your specifications or which otherwise are clearly personalized. However, we allow you to withdraw from your order until the parts are going to be welded according to your specifications.

Area of use:

For the Pre-Order frames, the intended use will be limited to AM/EN riding. We will extend the use to DH and Freeride level (Categorie 5) after we successfully passed the test at EFBE. However, you should be aware that most components you can buy are not cleared for Categorie 5 anyways.
Only use your bicycle component for its intended use. This also includes adherence to the operating, servicing, and maintenance conditions, as described in the manual. Inform other users of the intended use and the dangers of not adhering to it. Improper use, overloading, and lack of maintenance may lead to accidents and falls involving severe injuries to you and other people!

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