Product number: 1000220
Manufacturer: absoluteBLACK
Stock: 1
Product information "OVAL CHAINRING FOR SHIMANO 96BCD XT M8000 / SLX M7000 N/W"
The Premium 1X Oval 96BCD narrow wide chainring is designed for Shimano XT M8000, SLX M7000, M5100 & MT700 1x or 2x cranks Only. These chainrings fit Boost and non-boost bikes as correct offset is realized by the crank spider itself, not chainring. Bolts included.

  • Oval chainrings mastered to perfection, so you can get best possible advantage from the oval/elliptical shape.
  • Finest design to provide excellent weight to strength ratio
  • One of a kind special oval shape (Patent Pending)
  • Greatly improves traction and climbing abilities
  • Unique Patent Pending narrow-wide teeth profiles to keep your chain in place for minimum 12 months!
  • Special 3D teeth machining for ultimate mud relief decrease wear and noise dramatically
  • Superb quality and great look.
  • You will ride faster using ovals. If you keep using round ring then others will get quicker.
  • You will not "feel" the oval shape at all
  • Reduces stress on knees


Size (Mass +/-1g)
30T: 44 g
32T: 50 g
34T: 60 g
Compatibility: Fits Shimano XT M8000, SLX M7000, MT700 and Deore M6000, M5100 & M4100 cranksets 1X and 2X only. 9, 10, 11 and 12spd Eagle compatible. Boost and non-boost
Chainline: Dependent on the crank model (1 or B1/B2). Every crank model has different axle length, but same chainrings. 
Chain: 9, 10, 11 and 12spd Eagle
Ovality: Optimized to each size separately. Range: 10.2-14.4% and Timing of 110.5-116.3° after TDC (top dead center) Patent Pending
All 3 sizes have built-in standoffs to provide the ideal 1X chainline.
Use the stock Shimano M8 chainring bolts that come with crank.

How to mount the Oval chainring:

There is a small mark (triangle shaped) on the inner circumference of the chainring. This mark Must sit behind the crank arm. Mounting procedure is identical for SLX and XT cranks.