Tyre Yogurt


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Product number: 1000260
Manufacturer: Tyre Yogurt
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Product information "Tyre Yogurt"

Works only with real Tubeless Tires!

Tyre Yoghurt seals punctures & prevents flats in tubeless MTB tyres. Tyre Yogurt MTB Sealant will not separate, clump or dry out. It contains no latex, or ammonia, is water washable, non toxic & the “Flat Free & Full of Fibre” tech seals up to 6mm cuts in MTB tubeless tyres.


  • Seals 6mm punctures
  • No latex
  • No ammonia
  • Will not dry out
  • Will not separate
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic
  • Water washable

How does it work?

When a puncture occurs, the air in the tyre forces the millions of fibers and fillers in Tyre Yogurt into the hole. This forms a flexible plug that prevents further air loss. As the liquid is not part of the sealing process, we do not have to use latex. We use a liquid that will not dry out, separate or clump together so it will never block your valves.

How to use it:

  1. Use Tubeless Ready Tyres & Rims
  2. Remove cap & trim nozzle
  3. Add a blob of Tyre Yogurt around valve seal
  4. Dry seat tyre without sealant
  5. Deflate tyre, pop the bead & pour 120-150ml of Tyre Yogurt into the tyre or directly through the valve
  6. Re-seat tyre & inflate with a track pump or compressor
  7. Spin & bounce wheel a few times
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“Flat Free & Full of Fibre”


Is Tyre Yogurt a sealant milk?
Tyre yogurt, is not sealant milk, as it just does not dry out; it will always bleed slightly it is a puncture protection.
Can I also use Tire Yogurt for CX or Road?
No, Tire Yogurt is developed for mountain bikes only, a version for higher air pressures is in the development.
Inhalt (ml): 150 ml, 500 ml