2x M6x11 SS Hollow Bolts


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Product number: 1000131
Manufacturer: 77designz
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Product information "2x M6x11 SS Hollow Bolts"

Our new hollow bolts for the crash plate are created to protect your ISCG tabs from massive overloads. They are strong enough to hold most load cases but weak enough to shear of under extreme loads.


  • Hollow design to protect your ISCG tabs
  • Torx 25 just like all of our small bolts


Mount: ISCG 05

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Natural

Sizes: M6x11 Torx25

Weight: 6 gram (2 bolts)


Most of the frames nowadays are designed to take the loads introduced into the frame by a Tacco Bashguard, nevertheless, you should consider with your frame manufacturer whether your frame is approved for our Crashplate or not.


2x M6x11 SS Hollow Bolts