5 Years Warranty


Our products, including 77designz components and Kavenz Frames, undergo rigorous testing on the world's toughest test equipment and race tracks. As a result, we offer an extended warranty of 5 years, in addition to the legally required 2-year warranty (or such a longer period prescribed by applicable mandatory law), starting from the date of purchase. This warranty covers all material and manufacturing defects that may occur within the specified warranty period. If any defects arise that are covered under warranty, 77designz will either repair or replace the damaged or broken product at our discretion. However, please be aware that this extended warranty does not cover textiles and products from other companies we distribute. The legal warranty period of 2 years (or such a longer period prescribed by applicable mandatory law) from the purchase date applies for these items.

Second Owner Policy:

At 77designz, we value all of our customers, including second owners of our products. While we do not have a specific policy for second owners, we believe in supporting everyone. Therefore, you are eligible for our crash replacement conditions as a second owner. 

Crash Replacement Conditions: 

If you experience any defects with our products, we offer a 50% discount on the defective part as part of our crash replacement program. This discount applies to the specific component that requires replacement due to a manufacturing or material defect. Please note that this crash replacement discount is only applicable if all components are installed and used according to the assembly instructions provided.

Claiming a Warranty Case: 

If you need to claim a warranty case, please send the product to the following address along with a written explanation: 

My Box C/O 77designz
Harkortstraße 6 
48163 Münster

We will carefully assess the issue and take appropriate action based on the warranty coverage. Please note that this policy applies to both our original and second-owner products. We strive to provide reliable and high-quality components, and our crash replacement and warranty programs are designed to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind.