The V2 of our legendary 77designz CRASH PLATE is milled from extremely tough 7075 T6 aluminum. It protects your chainring (round or oval) from impact damage (For Oval, get 2 Teeth bigger). We offer 4 sizes and seven colors for minimal overlap and max style. Compared to the V1, we have optimized the contact orientation; the new slotted hole means the Taco now also fits Santa Cruz carbon frames. Disassembling the crank is unnecessary to install the Crash Plate, which means assembly is effortless and quick. The minimal overlap of the Taco Bashguard offers the best protection for your chainring while maintaining maximal ground clearance. The Crash Plate can be combined with our ISCG 05 chain guides - all you need is the connector.  FEATURES: Super light - Our Crash Plate uses a thin aluminum plate, which is very light but still stronger and more durable than most bulky alternatives. 2 hole mounting - This allows easy installation of the Crash Plate without removing the crank. The Crash Plate now fits all Santa Cruz Carbon frames thanks to a small slotted hole. Hollow screws with T25 - The hollow and stainless screws are lightweight and protect the ISCG mount from overload. Precise fit - we offer our Crash Plate in 4 different sizes. Due to the minimal overlap of the Crash Plate, you can maintain valuable ground clearance. Optimized rotation of the contact area - the alignment of the contact zone on the V2 has been improved to protect expensive chainrings and chains during casual rides and races. Eco-friendly packaging - Our parts are packed in small paper bags without any plastic 5 Year Warranty - We are completely convinced of the quality of our parts, which is why we offer a 5-year warranty on all material and manufacturing defects from the date of purchase Made in Germany - We manufacture our chain guides in Germany, which reduces CO2 emissions from transport and supports our local economy. SPECS: Mount: ISCG 05 (Now fits the Santa Cruz Carbon Frames) Round chainring: 30-36T (Choose the same size or bigger: 32T Round Ring = 32T CRASH PLATE) Oval chainring: 28-34T (Choose +2 teeth or bigger: 32T Oval Ring = 34T CRASH PLATE) Made for: 1x10, 1x11 or 1x12 drivetrain Material: AL 7075 T6 Anodized Hardware: Torx 25 Stainless Steel hollow bolts Colors: BlackSizes: 32T | 34TDiameter: 30T > 133mm | 32T > 141mm | 34T > 149mm | 36T > 157mm Weight: 30T > 25g | 32T > 27g | 34T > 29g | 36T > 31g INFO: Does not fit all Santa Cruz carbon frames because their ISCG 05 has too large tolerances. It is best to measure before ordering, the distance between the lower two ISCG threads center to center should be 55.9 +/- 2 mm.The bash guard is 5 mm thick, and the screws are flush. The screws we use are hollow drilled so that they can shear off in case of an overload. These bolts prevent damage to the frame. Order your spare bolts here: M6x11 SS Hollow BoltsMost of the bike frames nowadays are designed to carry the load introduced by a Taco Bashguard or Crash Plate; regardless, you should still consult your frame manufacturer about whether your frame is approved for our crash plate. INCLUDES: 2x M6x11 SS Hollow Bolts1x 77designz Sticker

Since oval chainrings are very trendy for many of you, we offer our Oval Guide the lightest fully adjustable chain guide on the market. The assembly is done in no time and without disassembling the crank. The chain is held securely in any position on the oval chainring. The CNC milled scale makes it easy to adjust to the chainring size and the adjustment of the chain lines is a breeze with the help of a table and spacers. The front flip technology allows you to remove the chain without tools in case of a breakdown on the trail, or pull the crank out of the bottom bracket during service without having to disassemble the chain guide. The versions marked with the 38 have a chainring adjustment range of 26-38 teeth covers.FEATURES: Install without crank removal Torx 25 only single tool installation Boost compatible Incredible Light Front Flip Technologie for tool free service Open cage for better mud release Made in Germany SPECS: Mount: ISCG 05Capacity: 28-36 Oval or 26-38T Round Chainline: 48-53 mm (Boost Ready) Compatibility: 1x10, 1x11 or 1x12 drivetrain Backplate: AL 7075 T6 Black Anodized Slider: PA66 GF 10 (Front Flip Technology) Hardware: Torx 25 Hollow Bolts Weight: 23,1 gram (incl. mounting hardware) INCLUDES: Chainline Spacer Set 2x M6x11 Hollow Bolts 77designz Sticker Installation with Crash Plate: To mount our ISCG 05 models with the Crash Plate you need the Connector.  Information: !!! Not compatible with Bionicon and Garbaruk non boost chain rings (30T / 28T / 26T) due to smaller Chain Line !!! !!! The FREESOLO works also with 1*10 drives if you have a clutch rear derailleur and an narrow / wide chain ring !!!

Headset Bottle Cap
This headset cap lets you place your favorite beverage cap on top of your headset. This small part motivates you to keep going until the end of the day as you always have your favorite treat in mind. It also makes a perfect gift for any ridding buddy and is a great conversation opener as almost everybody likes to talk about his favorite beer brand. It fits on every Ahead headset and therefore on almost every mountain bike, trekking bike, and road bike.SPECS: Mount: 1.1/8" and Tapered Steerertubes  Material: Alumium 7075T6 Color: Black Weight: 5 g !!!DONT DRINK AND RIDE!!! No shipping to USA Comes without bottle crown, star nut and screw in order to reduce waste. Just use your original mounting hardware.