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3 Closed Juli 2021
4 Closed October 2021
5Closed for Custom Geo* January 2021
6 Open for Custom Geo       March 2022
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We Make You Faster*

*A bold claim backed by 95% of our customers, 5% only rides safer now.

Virtual High Pivot

Our frame takes all the advantages of high pivot point bikes without the disadvantage of a very high anti rise. Unlike typical HPP bikes, our VHP system conserves the geometry and offers enough traction under rear braking. Further, it provides massive support under pedaling without the downside of pedal kickback. The so-called Anti Squat is even fine-tuned trough out gears and travel. 

High Anti Squat

Bikes with High Pivot Points naturally offer excellent support under pedaling without the downside of pedal kickback when using an idler pulley to reroute the chain. But we went a bit further and optimized the Anti Squat throughout the gears and travel to achieve what we believe is perfection. Plenty of support when climbing but no Pedal Kickback when descending, that makes you faster!

Balanced Anti Rise

Anti Rise is usually the weak point of High Pivot Point bikes as too much Anti Rise results in a less active suspension and loss of travel and traction. That's why we paid lots of our attention to design a bike that does not change the geometry under rear braking and keeps the suspension active but also prevents the rider's mass from shifting forward. We call it VHP16 and it makes you faster.


Allowing a high level of customization is vital for a bike that fits you like a tailored suit. That´s why we don´t offer any standard sizes like medium or large. Instead, we offer a set of Reach and Seat Tube options that can be combined to fit your personal needs. Reach can be anything between 440 and 540mm in 20 mm steps. The seat tube can be 420, 450 or 480 and the headtube can be either 110 or 125 mm.
And last but not least, you can decide if you want to build a pure 29er or a Mullet. The switch will be done by exchanging the shock mount so you can change it anytime later on. That totals in 36 possible sizes if we don´t count the Mullet option, no wounder the Geometry table is full of information.

Here is an example:

  • Reach: 480 mm (third from left)
  • Seat Tube: 450 mm
  • Head Tube: 110 mm
  • Top Tube: 638 mm (third from left)
  • Front Center: 824 mm (third from left)
  • Wheel Base: 1249 mm (Front Center + Chain Stay)

If you need help with choosing your Geometry, get in touch with us, we are happy to help.


Rear Travel: 160mm
Shock: Trunnion 205x65
Mounting hardware: 22x8mm
Fork: 160-180
Crown to Axle 567-591mm (Geometry is designed with 581)
Headtube: ZS 44/56 (110mm or 125mm)
Headset: ZS44/28.6 | ZS56/40 (for tapered forks)
Rear-Brake: IS 2000 Rear-disc diameter 203 mm (PM 203 Adapter Included)
Rear Axle: X12 - 148mm (BOOST)
Bottom Bracket: 73 mm BSA (ISCG 05 Adapter Optional)
Chainguide: Top Guide for the Idler Pulley is included
Chainline: 49 mm for performance in climbing gears or 52 mm for DH gear priority
Tires: 29“ x 2,6“ (tire clearance 81 mm) 27,5“ rear wheel options with different shock mount
Seattube: 31.6 mm inside / 35 mm outside - Length options: 420mm / 450mm / 480mm
Seatpost: 31.6 mm with internal seatpost cable routing MAX insert: (420) 280mm / (450) 310mm / (480) 340mm MIN insert: 100mm 
Bottle: 750 ml (sideload bottle cage only)
Idler Pulley: 14T N/W
Bearings: 15x28x7 Max Type (S6902 LLU MAX) (one oversized bearing type throughout the whole frame)
Weight: 3,28 kg (RAW incl. hardware, w/o shock, Reach 460, Seat Tube 420)
Material: Frame - EN AW 7020 T6 heat-treated after welding, Axles - Titanium Grade 5
Finish and Color:
RAW (No sanding nothing just as pure as it gets)
Black Anodized (Sandblasted and chemically polished)
Powder Coated (RAL K5 Classic Color)
Shock Options:
Fox Float X2 - Fox DHX2 - EXT Storia Lok V3
(All shocks come in custom tune and coil shocks come incl. correct coil spring)
Fork Options:
EXT ERA 170 - FOX 38 170 - FOX 38 180

Check out some of the Beta Batch Frames:

Spare Deraileur-Hanger for KAVENZ VHP16

Kavenz VHP16 V5 - ISCG 05-Adapter
ISCG 05-Adapter for KAVENZ VHP16-V5

Idler-Pulley-14T for KAVENZ VHP16-V5 including SS Bearing.

Shock Mount - Kavenz VHP16-V5
Wheel Size:: 29" / 27,5"
Shock Mount for Kavenz VHP16-V5!!! Please note that the 29" Shock Mount does not fit for Frames with Reach 440 !!!

Ti Bolt M4x12 T25 – Blue
Replacement screw for our chain guides FEATURES: Torx 25 like all our little screws SPECS: Material: Titanium Colour: Blue Size: M4x12 Torx25 Weight: 1 gram Scope of delivery: 1x M4x12

KAVENZ VHP16 Kugellager
Stückzahl: Stück (1x)
Kavenz VHP16 Ersatzkugellager"One for All"Original Enduro LLU Max KugellagerTyp: Enduro Bearings 6902 LLU ABEC 3 MAX Lager, 15 x 28 x 7 mmMAX Lager mit der maximal möglichen Anzahl an Kugeln und deshalb mit einer bis zu 40 % höheren Traglast als Standard-Radiallager. Vertiefte Kugelrillen in den Laufflächen, um die hohen Axial- und Radialkräfte am MTB-Hinterbau aufzunehmen ABEC 3 Lager mit Chrom-Stahl-Kugeln 10. Grades, Hochglanz poliert für höchste Präzision und Geräuscharmut Laufflächen aus einer 52100 Carbon-Chrom-Stahllegierung, die im Vakuum erzeugt und dann gehärtet wird, um besonders widerstandsfähig und haltbar zu seinLIeferumfang: 1 LagerWo werden die Lager benötigt?4 x Hauptschwingenlager2 x Rahmen/Rocker Lagerung4 x Rocker2 x Kettenstrebe

Kavenz Chainline Spacer
Chainline: 49mm
Spacer to sdjust your chainline. Unscrew the bolt in the idler pulley, change the spacer, tighten witht the correct torque... ready.

Chainstay Cable Routing Brake Hose
VHP16 Cable Guide : Cable Guide Brake Chainstay
Chainstay Cable Routing Brake HoseSchützt die Bremsleitung vor Beschädigunggeschlitzte Ausführung, Montage erfolgt nach der Verlegung der BremsleitungFixierung der Bremsleitung mit einer M4x12 Titan Schraube (seperat erhältlich) Material: KunststoffWelcher Cable Guide wofür?4 mm Cable Guide Downtube5 mm Cable Guide DowntubeCable Guide Brake ChainstayRubber Gromet Chainstay

Variants from €2.00*
Kavenz VHP16 V5 Batch 5
Dropper Post: None | Frame Finish: RAW (Surface imperfections included) | Headset: None | Suspension: None
Please read: First order your equipment package and the surface finish here. After we have received your order, we will contact you to discuss your custom properties. Reach, seat tube length, head tube, rear-wheel size, sticker color, RAL color, and your weight, which we need to design the damper tune and the spring stiffness. (Changes to these parameters remain partially adaptable until welding takes place.)  The Frame: The KAVENZ VHP16 is designed to make you faster. The Kinematics are engineered to outperform your competition. The customized geometry is meant to fit you like a tailored suit, and the custom paint options are offered to match your style. Join us now!Find all the information about the frame on Kavenz.com.The frame comes including:Custom Geometry Idler Pulley 14T 77designz Chainguide Boost Thru-Axle with removable Lever 77designz Seatclamp Anti Rattle Tube for Internal Cables Tape for Chainstay PM 203 AdapterWarranty: Your frame is covered by our standard 5 Year Warranty. Please note that the Warranty only applies for the frame and not for additional parts like shock, fork, a dropper post, etc. Risks: If you spot an issue, then we might not be able to replace the part as fast as established brands can. But don´t worry we would never let you down, that´s a promise. Also lead time can be delayed as COVID 19 is not over jet and can still have impacts on supply chains.Limited Right to Withdrawal: Your right to withdrawal does not apply to contracts that relate to goods which have been manufactured in accordance with your specifications or which otherwise are clearly personalized. However, we allow you to withdraw from your order until the parts are going to be welded according to your specifications.

DT Swiss RWS Plug In 148/12 mm Steckachse KAVENZ Custom
DT-Swiss RWS Plug-In Steckachse 148/12 mm KavenzEIGENSCHAFTEN: Leicht - 68 Gramm RWS System - gewährleistet eine sichere und schnelle Befestigung der Laufräder mit beispielloser Klemmkraft. Hochwertiger Schnellspanner  vollständig aus Aluminium hergestellt und verfügt über einen geschmiedeten Hebel sowie über gefräste und eloxierte Achsen. Die Oberflächenqualität ist ein hervorragendes Beispiel für Schweizer Präzision! Plug-In - bietet alle Vorteile einer werkzeuglosen Montage der Steckachse. Wer den cleanen Look einer Schraubachse bevorzugt, zieht einfach die Hebeleinheit ab und verstaut sie im Rucksack. Oder lässt sie gleich zu Hause.SPECS: Ausführung:  148 mm Boost, Gewinde 12x1,0Einbaumaße:  Länge 171 mm mit 17 mm GewindeAbmessungen: Gesamtlänge ohne Spannhebel 177 mm, mit eingesteckten Spannhebel 189 mmGewicht: Steckachse 42 Gramm, Spannhebel 28 GrammFarbe: schwarzLIeferumfang: 1 x Steckachse mit Spannhebel

KAVENZ VHP16 Decal Set Weiß
Decal Farbe: Weiß
Decal Set for your KAVENZ VHP16-V5 5 different colors to choose from: black, red, orange, white, gray Scope of delivery: one sheet with 2 x "Kavenz" for the down tube, 2 x "VHP16" for the top tube, 1 x head tube emblem, 1 x "Kavenz" sticker medium sizeIf you want to plot something yourself you can download the data here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/byckoe354coyl0b/KAVENZ-VHP-Decals-V8.pdf?dl=0


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