Kavenz Frame Protection Foil


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Product number: 1000354
Manufacturer: Kavenz
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Product information "Kavenz Frame Protection Foil"

Protects the following areas:

  • Seat tube
  • Top tube
  • Down tube
  • Seatstays
  • Chainstays


  • Highly transparent, UV-resistant film
  • Effectively protects your bike from stone chipping and paint abrasions
  • Fits perfectly for your Kavenz VHP16 and 18
  • Easy assembly, self-adhesive
  • Removable without residue


  1. Heat the film to approx. 40°, e.g. place it on the heater.
  2. Thoroughly clean surfaces.
  3. Apply carefully.

We made them with https://nldesigns.eu/ so you can also reach out to them and go full custom.