Spare Parts

Find all the spare parts here and repair your products yourself.

4x Cable Tie
Pan-Ty® locking tie, standard cross-section, 7.4" (188mm) length, military spec weather-resistant nylon 6.6, black to mount 77designz FAT Fender or PLUS Fender.INCLUDES: 4x Pan-Ty® locking tie 

Connects the 77designz CRASH PLATE - ISCG 05 with:FREESOLO™ ISCG 05 - 38OVAL GUIDE™ ISCG 05 - 38And their respective predecessorsINCLUDES: 1x 2,5 mm Red Washer 2x M6x16 SS Bolt .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

Ti Bolts
Color Ti: Black | Dimension Bolt: M6x11
All 77designz titanium screws are also available here individually for endless possibilities of customizing.SPECS: Colors: Natural, Black, Gold, Oilslick Material: Grade 5 Titanium Which bolts for for what? Seatclamp 34.9 = 1x M5x10Seatclamp V2 34.9 = 1x M5x14 Crash Plate ISCG 05 = 2x M6x11  Chainguides (Oval Guide or Freesole V2); ISCG 05 = 2x M6x11, ISCG 05+BSA, HDM = 1x M6x11, S3/ET = 2x M5x10 1 Piece Stem = 2x M6x15 + 2x M5x14 Discbrake Disc Bolts = 12x M5x10

2x M6x11 SS Hollow Bolts
Our new hollow bolts for the crash plate are created to protect your ISCG tabs from massive overloads. They are strong enough to hold most load cases but weak enough to shear of under extreme loads.FEATURES: Hollow design to protect your ISCG tabs Torx 25 just like all of our small bolts SPECS: Mount: ISCG 05 Material: Stainless Steel Color: Natural Sizes: M6x11 Torx25 Weight: 6 gram (2 bolts) INFO: Most of the frames nowadays are designed to take the loads introduced into the frame by a Tacco Bashguard, nevertheless, you should consider with your frame manufacturer whether your frame is approved for our Crashplate or not. INCLUDES: 2x M6x11 SS Hollow Bolts

FREESOLO™ V2-Top Slider Unit
Upper guide part for the Freesolo™ V2 chain guide. Includes: 4x chain line spacer 1x adjusting nut 1x M4x12 titanium screw 1x Inner Slider 1x Outer Slider

Backplate for FREESOLO™ BB-38 or OVAL GUIDE™ BB-38Capacity: 28-38T Round 26-36 OvalMaterial: 7075 T6 ALUMINIUMColour: BlackComes incl.:1x Backplate

Backplate for FREESOLO™ ISCG05-38 or OVAL GUIDE™ ISCG05-38Capacity: 28-38T Round 26-36 OvalMaterial: 7075 T6 ALUMINIUMColour: BlackComes incl.:1x Backplate2x Hollow Bolt

OVAL GUIDE™ - Top Slider Unit
Upper guide part for the OVAL GUIDE™ chain guide. Includes: 4x chain line spacer 1x adjusting nut 1x M4x12 titanium screw 1x Inner Slider 1x Outer Slider

Red Washer M6 2,5
2.5 mm thick washer for M6 screws, which can be used as a replacement for the connector, and to distance the chain guide further out for super-boost chain lines. Specs: Inner diameter: 6,3mm Outer diameter: 13mm Material: Aluminium 7075 T6 Includes: 1x Red Washer M6 x2,5

Shock Mount - Kavenz VHP16-V5
Wheel Size:: 29" / 27,5"
Shock Mount for Kavenz VHP16-V5!!! Please note that the 29" Shock Mount does not fit for Frames with Reach 440 !!!

Spare guide elements for the Freesolo V2 chain guide  Includes: Freesolo V2 Inner Slider Freesolo V2 Outer Slider

Ti Bolt M4x12 T25 – Blue
Replacement screw for our chain guides FEATURES: Torx 25 like all our little screws SPECS: Material: Titanium Colour: Blue Size: M4x12 Torx25 Weight: 1 gram Scope of delivery: 1x M4x12

Spare guide elements for the OVAL GUIDE chain guide Includes: OVAL GUIDE Inner Slider OVAL GUIDE Outer Slider

Chainline Spacer Set
Set of Chainline Spacer for Freesolo V2 and Oval Guide chain guides.Includes:0.5 Stainless Steel Washer1.0 Stainless Steel Washer2.0 Nylon 6 Washer3.5 Nylon 6 Washer

CNC NUT (Chainguide)
Spare Part for Freesolo and Oval Guide fits all Version back to 2016

KAVENZ VHP16 Kugellager
Stückzahl: Stück (1x)
Kavenz VHP16 Ersatzkugellager"One for All"Original Enduro LLU Max KugellagerTyp: Enduro Bearings 6902 LLU ABEC 3 MAX Lager, 15 x 28 x 7 mmMAX Lager mit der maximal möglichen Anzahl an Kugeln und deshalb mit einer bis zu 40 % höheren Traglast als Standard-Radiallager. Vertiefte Kugelrillen in den Laufflächen, um die hohen Axial- und Radialkräfte am MTB-Hinterbau aufzunehmen ABEC 3 Lager mit Chrom-Stahl-Kugeln 10. Grades, Hochglanz poliert für höchste Präzision und Geräuscharmut Laufflächen aus einer 52100 Carbon-Chrom-Stahllegierung, die im Vakuum erzeugt und dann gehärtet wird, um besonders widerstandsfähig und haltbar zu seinLIeferumfang: 1 LagerWo werden die Lager benötigt?4 x Hauptschwingenlager2 x Rahmen/Rocker Lagerung4 x Rocker2 x Kettenstrebe

Kavenz Chainline Spacer
Chainline: 49mm
Spacer to sdjust your chainline. Unscrew the bolt in the idler pulley, change the spacer, tighten witht the correct torque... ready.

Chainstay Cable Routing Brake Hose
VHP16 Cable Guide : Cable Guide Brake Chainstay
Chainstay Cable Routing Brake HoseSchützt die Bremsleitung vor Beschädigunggeschlitzte Ausführung, Montage erfolgt nach der Verlegung der BremsleitungFixierung der Bremsleitung mit einer M4x12 Titan Schraube (seperat erhältlich) Material: KunststoffWelcher Cable Guide wofür?4 mm Cable Guide Downtube5 mm Cable Guide DowntubeCable Guide Brake ChainstayRubber Gromet Chainstay

Variants from €2.00*
Backplate for FREESOLO™ ISCG 05 + BSA or OVAL GUIDE™ ISCG 05 + BSA Capacity: 26-36T Round 26-34 Oval Material: 7075 T6 ALUMINIUM Colour: Black Comes incl.: 1x Backplate1x M6x11 Torx 25 Ti Bolt 

KAVENZ VHP16 Decal Set Weiß
Decal Farbe: Weiß
Decal Set for your KAVENZ VHP16-V5 5 different colors to choose from: black, red, orange, white, gray Scope of delivery: one sheet with 2 x "Kavenz" for the down tube, 2 x "VHP16" for the top tube, 1 x head tube emblem, 1 x "Kavenz" sticker medium sizeIf you want to plot something yourself you can download the data here:

Backplate for FREESOLO™ S3/E-TYPE or OVAL GUIDE™ S3/E-TYPE Capacity: 26-36T Round 26-34 Oval Material: 7075 T6 ALUMINIUM Colour: Black Comes incl.: 1x Backplate2x M5x11 Torx 25 Ti Bolt 

Length: Short
Single and Double chainring bolts to mount Absoluteblack chainrings to the crank arms. Bolts have torx T30 interface for greater reliability. WHICH BOLTS SHOULD YOU ORDER? "SHORT" for: 104bcd Oval 34 / 36T 104bcd round 32 / 34 / 36 / 38T bashring "LONG" for: 110/4 & 110/5 bcd for outer+inner ROAD Oval chainrings 130/5 bcd for outer+inner ROAD Oval chainrings 104bcd Oval 26 / 28 / 32T 64bcd round 26 / 28 / 30T  94bcd Oval 30 / 32 / 34T all CX ROUND rings   IMPORTANT For 30T 104bcd - bolts are included in the price of chainring already. For ALL OVAL CX /Gravel 1X 110/5 and 110/4bcd chainrings - bolts are included in the price of chainring already. For XT M8000 and XTR M9000 - use original Shimano bolts that come with crank. For Sram Road Oval chainrings - use original Sram bolts that come with crank. If you change Road inner oval chainring only and keep outer as round - use original bolts.  IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CX ROUND RING USERS ONLY: Sometimes there may be a need to file down female nuts to achieve proper fit. This is because each crank has tabs of different thickness and it is not possible to make "one fit all" solution. Bolts itself are fine. MTB users will not have to do any modifications to bolts or nuts.