We founded 77designz in 2007. We manufacture unique bicycle components; our products include chain guides for round and oval chainrings and crash plates to protect chainrings from stones and logs. We have won design and innovation awards for our Freesolo and Oval Guide chain guides. We've also used our first-hand knowledge and experience to create one of the lightest yet most reliable and comfortable enduro cockpits. All of our products are innovative, race-proven, and competitively priced.
Over the years, our components division has developed very well. We offer chainrings from absoluteBlack after a joint project with them. Since the founding of our bike brand, KAVENZ, it was time to create a multi-brand platform. So welcome to the 77-store, the sales channel for 77designz, absoluteBlack, Kavenz, and We Are One. We care about the environment, that's why we make most of our products locally, and we ship all packaging in minimal paper packaging to help protect the world from plastic. We do our best daily to offer fair, excellent, and sustainable products.

Giacomo Großehagenbrock (co-founder and owner)