Handle Bar Carbon 35 - Rise: 20


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Manufacturer: 77designz
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Product information "Handle Bar Carbon 35 - Rise: 20"
Our carbon handlebars with a 35mm clamping zone offer the perfect balance of stiffness and flex. The right amount of flex prevents fatigue and results in less arm pump, which gives you more control over the bike, especially on long descents. The aluminum sleeve protects the carbon fibers from constriction and crimping, but also it makes mounting the handlebars with our One Piece Stem a breeze. Due to the perfect placed scale, you can adjust the handlebars precisely and easily towards your needs. Like our stem, the carbon handlebars are tested on DH level. The handlebars come in a width of 800 mm but can be trimmed to 740 mm with a simple metal saw thanks to the integrated scale. You can choose between 20 and 35 mm Rise and have all possibilities to adjust your ideal stack height. The handlebars are only approved for use with our one-piece stems because of the taper in the center of the sleeve, anyways they are designed as a unit and perform best as a unit.


  • Aluminum Sleeve to protect the fibers from crimping
  • Precise but not harsh
  • Easy to mount with our 1 Piece Stem
  • Takes advantage of 35mm without being over stiff.
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Weight tolerance: 2%


  • Backsweep: 8°
  • Upsweep: 5°
  • Handlebar Clamping: 35 mm
  • Width: 800 mm (can be trimmed down to 740)
  • Rise: 20 mm / 35 mm
  • Material: Carbon / Aluminum 6061
  • Weight: 20 mm = 257,5 gram / 35 mm = 268,5 gram +/- 2%
  • Color: Glossy Carbon


Machining marks from demolding are normal for the handlebar to a certain extent, as the handlebar is neither sanded nor painted. On the one hand, this process is more environmentally friendly and allows us to offer a carbon handlebar at a fair price produced under good working conditions in Canada.
Each handlebar goes through careful quality control to be sure that the imperfections are purely aesthetic.


By dispensing both the grinding and the painting of the handlebars, we make the production more environmentally friendly compared to other carbon handlebars. However, you have to live with small imperfections in the resin, but these have no negative effect on the durability of the handlebar.

Comes incl.:

  • 77designz Sticker
  • Installation Instruction (download only! If you need a printed version, drop us an email)

Use only together with our 1 Piece Stem:

The handlebar and the 1 Piece Stem have been designed, engineered, and tested as a unit. That is why the handlebar is only allowed to be used together with our unique and super lightweight 1 Piece Stem. You might not see it, but the sleeve is tapered in the center to let it slide into the stem with ease. But exactly that detail does not allow the use with other stems.
Rise: 20