Shock Mount - Kavenz VHP-18/MX


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Shock Mount Kavenz VHP
Product number: 1003050
Manufacturer: Kavenz
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Product information "Shock Mount - Kavenz VHP-18/MX"

  • 12 29 = Kavenz VHP12 with 29" Rear Wheel - 185x47,5 Shock
  • 15 29 = Kavenz VHP15 with 29" Rear Wheel - 205x60 Shock
  • 16 29 = Kavenz VHP16 with 29" Rear Wheel - 205x65 Shock*
  • 16 MX = Kavenz VHP16 with 27.5" Rear Wheel - 205x65 Shock
  • 18 MX = Kavenz VHP18 with 27.5" Rear Wheel - 225x75 Shock**
You can also short stroke the VHP16, 205x60 = 150mm Rear Travel or 205x57,5= 144mm Rear Travel
Or extend the VHP12 to 126 mm Rear Travel using a more common 185x50mm Shock

*Please note that the 16 29 Shock Mount does not fit for Frames with Reach 440 from Batch 0-5
**Please note that the 18 MX Shock Mount does not work for Frames with Reach 440/460/480 from Batch 0-5

Info VHP15:

The VHP15 changes the rear travel by reducing the stroke to 60mm, furthermore the Geo changes if you take the VHP15 shock mount to 65° steering angle and 78.5 seat tube angle and approx. +9mm in the bottom bracket. So it will be more of an AM from the riding experience. You can also do this with the 205x65 damper it will make it a VHP16 AM version.